Grant for AAVE devs to integrate Unstoppable Domains login

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Volodymyr from Unstoppable Domains proposed AAVE to integrate their Login with Unstoppable solution, offering a $5,000 grant for the implementation. The discussion also involved clarifying the grant process and addressing technical queries for the proposed integration.

The discussion primarily revolved around the proposal made by Volodymyr, Partner Success Lead at Unstoppable Domains, for AAVE to integrate their Login with Unstoppable solution. Volodymyr offered a $5,000 grant for developers to implement this integration, emphasizing that it would be a relatively quick process due to AAVE's use of wallet connect. He also hinted at the possibility of co-marketing announcements for both communities1.

However, there was some confusion regarding the grant process. EzR3aL initially suggested that Volodymyr apply for an Aave grant through their website and present his proposal to the community2. Volodymyr clarified that his intention was not to apply for a grant, but rather to offer one to AAVE developers for the integration3. To address any technical queries about the protocol, EzR3aL recommended that Volodymyr either make a request in GitHub or seek assistance from someone at Bgdlabs4.

In conclusion, the discussion was centered around the potential integration of AAVE's Login with Unstoppable Domains, with a grant offered by Volodymyr to facilitate the process. The next steps involve addressing any technical questions and moving forward with the proposed integration.

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