[ARC] Increase Supply Cap of sUSD on v3 Optimism (Fast-track)

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The discussion focused on a proposal by MattLosquadro to double the sUSD supply cap on AAVE v3 from 10m to 20m, due to increased sUSD DEX liquidity and the success of the Optimism liquidity mining program. The proposal, supported by MarcZeller, aims to enable more user activity on AAVE and will be decided by a community vote.

The discussion primarily revolved around a proposal put forth by MattLosquadro to increase the sUSD supply cap on AAVE v3 from 10m to 20m sUSD, effectively doubling the current limit. The rationale behind this proposal was the increased sUSD DEX liquidity across various platforms, the stable peg of sUSD, and the ongoing Optimism liquidity mining program on AAVE V3, which has quickly reached the current sUSD supply cap1. The proposal's objective is to enable more users to supply/borrow on AAVE by increasing the supply cap.

The proposal received support from MarcZeller, who emphasized the synergies between SNX stakers and sUSD minters on Optimism and Aave LP. He further suggested that if the community is in agreement, a vote on the proposal could be initiated within 24 hours2.

In conclusion, the discussion was centered around the potential increase of the sUSD supply cap on AAVE v3, with the community showing signs of support. The final decision, however, will be determined by a community vote, which could be initiated soon if the consensus remains.

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