ARC: Parameter Change Disclaimer in Borrow User Interface

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The Aave community has shown strong support for Pauljlei's proposal to add a disclaimer on the borrower user interface, notifying users of potential changes in governance. The proposal, which could be processed through GitHub due to its minor nature, is now pending a Snapshot vote.

The discussion primarily revolved around a proposal by Pauljlei to introduce a disclaimer on the Aave borrower user interface. This disclaimer would serve to notify users that changes in governance could potentially alter the parameters of their account health1. The proposal was met with widespread approval, with users such as EzR3aL suggesting the addition of further notifications for changes2. Other users, including MarcZeller, Sendrax, A_J, and Fig, also expressed their support for the proposal 3,4,5,6.

Sendrax further suggested that due to the minor nature of the update, the proposal could be directly processed through GitHub issues. They also requested an updated mock-up that aligns with the current interface4. In response, Pauljlei provided an updated mock-up and a pull request7. Following these discussions, a Snapshot vote was scheduled to commence within the next 24 hours8.

In conclusion, the community showed strong support for the proposed disclaimer addition to the Aave borrower user interface. The proposal is now pending a Snapshot vote, marking a significant step towards its potential implementation.

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