ARC - Removing composability breakers in AAVE V3

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The AAVE V3 protocol's restriction on borrowing and repaying an asset within the same block is causing issues for integrators like Mangrove and Morpho. The community consensus leans towards removing this restriction, with anticipation for a response from the developers, especially Emilio.

The discussion primarily revolves around a proposed change to the AAVE V3 protocol, put forth by Jkrivine. The current protocol disallows borrowing and repaying an asset within the same block, a restriction that was not present in AAVE V2. This has been causing disruptions for integrators like Mangrove, which uses an offer-is-code approach. The restriction prevents them from optimizing their transactions for a near constant gas cost, regardless of the order size1.

The proposal has garnered support from other community members, including PaulFrambot, who has encountered similar issues while integrating morpho on AAVE V3. They also highlighted that other developers on the AAVE Discord are facing the same issue2. Tor_GAINS also expressed frustration with the current restriction and urged the developers to address the issue, specifically tagging Emilio for his opinion3.

The consensus in the discussion seems to be in favor of removing the restriction in AAVE V3, as it is causing significant issues for integrators and developers. The community is eagerly awaiting a response from the developers, particularly Emilio, on this matter.

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