Proposal - AAVE Built in integration on open source/self-custody/privacy focused Edge Wallet

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The Edge team, led by Head of QA RJ Raljoseph Ricasata, has proposed an AAVE integration into their self-custody exchange platform, aiming to simplify AAVE loans and potentially boost AAVE ecosystem growth. The project, with a funding request of $95,420, has set milestones for alpha, beta, and release candidate versions, with full functionality expected by August 2022 and a release candidate by October 2022.

The discussion revolves around a proposal submitted by user61617665(, RJ Raljoseph Ricasata, Head of QA at Edge, for an AAVE grant. The Edge team, which includes CEO Paul and Chief Architect William Swanson, plans to integrate AAVE into their self-custody exchange platform. This integration aims to simplify the process of taking out an AAVE loan by allowing users to deposit BTC as collateral and have borrowed stablecoins deposited into their account in one step. The team has already begun development and created designs for this integration1.

Edge, a platform that supports over 177 different fiat payment methods and over 130 assets, is known for being the first open-source, non-custodial, multi-asset wallet with swaps built into it to support XRP and Monero. The proposed AAVE integration is expected to increase user adoption and network growth for the AAVE ecosystem, particularly in countries where traditional banking is limited. The Edge wallet already boasts over a million users, with active monthly users in the six figures. The integration will also provide a dedicated phone line for users needing help with the AAVE integration1.

The project has set milestones, with an alpha version expected to be integrated into Edge, a beta version with full functionality expected by the end of August 2022, and a release candidate ready by early October 2022. The total funding request for the project is $95,420, which will be allocated to app design, engineering/QA, and marketing1. The Edge team is inviting users to sign up for a beta test of their new feature, which integrates Aave loans into Edge, marking a step towards creating a decentralized economy where people have complete control over their funds 1,2. The team's commitment to privacy and self-custody, their track record in the cryptocurrency community, and their personal experience with AAVE underscore the potential success of this integration1.

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