Sybil Resistance for AAVE

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Solal announced a new Zero-Knowledge protocol for anonymous proof of humanity in airdrops, aiming to maintain token decentralization and prevent bot control. This initiative, including resources and a whitepaper detailing their Sybil resistance approach, is a significant step towards enhancing AAVE community's security.

The discussion primarily revolved around the development of a new protocol that utilizes Zero-Knowledge to provide anonymous proof of humanity for airdrops, as announced by Solal. This innovative protocol ensures that users' identifying information remains confidential, not exposed to Notebook or any other organization. The primary objective of this system is to maintain the decentralization of tokens and prevent their control by bot accounts.

Solal has also provided valuable resources for the community, including links to their website and documents that detail their approach to Sybil resistance. Their whitepaper, which provides an in-depth understanding of the protocol, is also available for community members to peruse. This initiative by Solal is aimed at enhancing the safety of the AAVE community.

In conclusion, the discussion has been a significant step towards ensuring the security and decentralization of tokens in the AAVE community. The introduction of the Zero-Knowledge protocol for anonymous proof of humanity for airdrops is a promising development in this direction. The community looks forward to the successful implementation of this protocol and the enhanced safety it promises to bring.

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