Adding Syscoin blockchain support to AAVE

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Syscoin, a long-standing and innovative cryptocurrency project, plans to propose integrating AAVE into their upcoming Rollux suite, which includes both Optimistic and ZK Rollups. With a robust infrastructure, a strong community presence across various platforms, and a commitment to constant evolution, Syscoin aims to leverage its unique merge-mining with Bitcoin and Ethereum Virtual Machine capabilities to open new opportunities for both projects.

Alex Guerra and the Syscoin team have expressed their intention to submit a proposal to the Aave team. Syscoin, a coin established in 2014, is unique due to its merge-mining with Bitcoin, which brings security to their protocol along with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) capabilities. The team is preparing to launch their Rollux suite, which includes both Optimistic and ZK Rollups, and they are keen to integrate AAVE into this suite.

Syscoin boasts eight years of industry experience and has managed to navigate various market conditions without the backing of venture capitalists or institutional investors. The team prides itself on its legacy status as one of the longest-running projects in the space, second only to Bitcoin in terms of innovation. Syscoin's infrastructure on their L1 is designed to withstand all market conditions, demonstrating their commitment to constant evolution and innovation.

The Syscoin community is large and sophisticated, with a significant presence on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. They offer round-the-clock technical support and have a dedicated marketing team. Their marketing efforts are bolstered by partnerships with world-class PR firms and access to a network of influencers. Proguerra highlighted the use of a custom tipbot by their community marketers on Discord, which can be used by any token deployed on the Syscoin network. The team is also active on Reddit and 4chan, and they are open to engagement on Telegram and Twitter.

In conclusion, Syscoin is a mature and innovative project with a strong community and robust infrastructure. Their intention to integrate AAVE into their upcoming Rollux suite could potentially open up new opportunities for both projects.

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