Change the Stablecoin Name from $GHO to $USA

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The Aave community is debating the naming of a new stablecoin, with initial proposal 'USA' causing confusion. Suggestions include ASD, ASC, AUSD, and retaining the original name 'GHO', but no consensus has been reached yet.

The discussion primarily focused on the naming of a new stablecoin within the Aave ecosystem. The initial proposal by Kaldes was 'USA', which sparked a debate due to its potential for confusion with the United States. This led to MarcZeller questioning whether 'USA' was intended as an acronym or a reference to the United States.

Several alternative names were proposed by SamUchiha.eth, including ASD (Aave Stable Dollar), ASC (Aave Stable Coin), AST (Aave Stable Token), AUSD (Aave USD), AD (Aave Dollar), AS (Aave Stable), and SA (Stable Aave). Of these, ASD and ASC were favored by MarcZeller. However, Kaldes argued that a good name should be familiar and have meme value, citing examples like USDT, USDC, UST, and USA. Edwardyw suggested that to achieve wide adoption, especially in emerging markets, the name should explicitly include 'USD', proposing USDA or AUSD.

Despite the numerous suggestions, EzR3aL and SamUchiha.eth advocated for retaining the original name 'GHO', arguing that it stands out and aligns with the Aave Ghost logo. This sentiment was echoed by Tbm, who expressed excitement for the potential use case of $GHO as $GHOst. The discussion remains ongoing, with no consensus reached on the final name for the new stablecoin.

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