A Self-Sovereign identity + Credit Score protocol

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The founder of Notebook, Solal, has proposed a partnership with the Aave ecosystem to enhance DeFi security and robustness through Notebook's Self-Sovereign identity protocol. The protocol offers sybil resistance, bot prevention, fraud identification, and a credit score system, potentially enabling higher risk services like undercollateralized lending and providing additional security for Aave's airdrops and governance.

The discussion primarily revolves around a proposed partnership between the Aave ecosystem and Notebook, a Self-Sovereign identity protocol. The proposal was put forth by Solal, the founder of Notebook, which is backed by notable entities such as Y-Combinator, NfX, and the Stanford Blockchain Accelerator. The main objective of Notebook's protocol is to bolster the safety and robustness of the DeFi ecosystem. This is achieved by ensuring that each user can only have one identity, thereby providing a form of sybil resistance, bot prevention, cross-ecosystem identification of fraud, and a robust credit score system.

Solal has expressed a keen interest in how their credit score system could be utilized to offer higher risk financial services such as undercollateralized lending. They also believe that their sybil resistance could offer additional security and decentralization for airdrops and governance within the Aave ecosystem. The discussion thus far has been centered around these potential benefits and the overall impact of this proposed partnership on the Aave ecosystem.

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