USDC Tokens for $1026 stolen from my wallet

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Rondpm shared a series of USDC/aUSDC transactions, suspecting a compromised wallet as they hadn't initiated any withdrawals from Aave. MarcZeller confirmed the issue, emphasizing the importance of securing digital wallets, and closed the topic as it was unrelated to governance.

The discussion began with Rondpm sharing a series of transactions involving USD Coin (USDC) and Aave interest bearing USDC (aUSDC), which showed the movement of 1,025.99 USDC/aUSDC between different addresses1. EzR3aL responded to this by suggesting that these transactions appeared to be normal wallet-to-wallet transfers, and did not seem to indicate any theft or protocol errors2.

However, Rondpm disagreed with this interpretation, stating that they had not initiated any withdrawals from Aave and suspected that their wallet had been compromised. This led them to express their intention to stop using Aave and their MetaMask wallet3. The discussion concluded with MarcZeller confirming that the issue seemed to be a compromised wallet. As this issue was not related to governance, the topic was closed5. This discussion highlights the importance of securing digital wallets to prevent unauthorized transactions.

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