Adding assets to aave

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The discussion focused on a new user's struggle to understand the Aave platform and its functionalities, especially after an EVM contract upgrade. It highlighted the need for clear resources for new users and the role of community platforms like Discord in providing real-time assistance.

The discussion primarily revolved around the concerns of a new user, Rdotterer09, who was trying to navigate the complexities of the Aave platform after their EVM contract was upgraded. They were particularly interested in understanding how to increase their assets through staking and were also considering the possibility of taking a loan in the future.

However, the conversation was redirected by MarcZeller, who suggested that Rdotterer09 should seek further assistance on the Aave discord. This effectively closed the topic on the forum 1,3. Despite the abrupt end to the discussion, it highlighted the need for more comprehensive guidance for new users navigating the platform, especially after significant updates or changes to their contracts.

In conclusion, the discussion underscored the importance of providing clear and accessible resources for new users to understand the platform's functionalities, particularly in the context of contract upgrades. It also emphasized the role of community platforms like discord in facilitating these discussions and providing real-time assistance.

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