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BGDLabs has developed a new tool, Aave Seatbelt, to validate governance proposals for the Aave protocol, aiming to increase trust among AAVE voters. The tool simplifies the review process, executes governance simulations, and generates a human-readable report on the effects of a proposal, with future improvements planned for better integration and interpretation.

The Aave community has seen the introduction of a new tool, Aave Seatbelt, developed by BGDLabs. This tool is designed to validate governance proposals for the Aave protocol, thereby fostering increased trust among AAVE voters. The Aave governance system, which allows community participants to create proposals for approval or rejection by the community, has been identified as potentially error-prone and requiring a certain level of expertise. Proposals can range from listing new assets, altering parameters of listed assets, to funding projects and making changes to the Aave systems.

Aave Seatbelt addresses these challenges by simplifying the review process for human reviewers and providing a fully automated tool. It operates by executing and interpreting governance simulations, subsequently generating a report with human-readable information on the effects of a proposal. This report includes all state changes caused by the proposal execution, events triggered, a compilation report of all affected contracts, and runs Slither over all touched contracts to identify potential issues.

The tool is still under development, with future improvements planned. These include integration with the Aave interface, better interpretation of state changes on proxy contracts, simulation of cross-chain proposals, and the use of Slither to diff storage layout on implementations1. BGDLabs has acknowledged the collaboration with Tenderly and the use of Uniswap Seatbelt as a base for Aave Seatbelt, expressing appreciation for both teams' contributions1. This development signifies a significant step towards enhancing the governance process within the Aave community.

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