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Kava, a Layer-1 blockchain merging Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems, is launching its EVM mainnet on May 25th, followed by an EVM bridge for Ethereum protocols. Despite the excitement, Tor_GAINS advises caution, suggesting a wait-and-see approach to monitor the new EVM-compatible chain's performance and safety post-launch.

The Layer-1 blockchain, Kava, which merges the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems, is preparing to launch its EVM mainnet on May 25th. This significant event will be followed by the introduction of its EVM bridge, which will make Ethereum protocols accessible on both Kava and the wider Cosmos ecosystem. Kava, an IBC-enabled blockchain, is also launching an EVM compatible blockchain that shares validators with the IBC-enabled chain.

To encourage protocol deployments, Kava has established two programs: the Pioneer Program and the Kava Rise program. Aave stands to gain from a deployment by securing a portion of the 100k Kava incentives and a share of the substantial $750m developer fund. A vote has been initiated to consider deploying Aave on Kava’s EVM-compatible testnet and mainnet1.

However, it's worth noting that Tor_GAINS has recommended a more cautious approach, suggesting that it might be prudent to wait several weeks or even months to monitor the performance and safety of the new EVM-compatible chain, especially considering it has not yet been launched2. This prudent approach could ensure the stability and security of the deployment, contributing to the overall success of the project.

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