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FutureBricks, a UK company offering property development loans, is exploring the integration of DeFi to expand accessibility to the crypto community. The discussion, while not concluding with a definitive plan, opened up potential collaboration possibilities with Aave, indicating a growing interest in merging traditional finance and DeFi, especially in the real estate sector.

The discussion primarily revolved around the potential integration of DeFi into FutureBricks, a company that offers property development loans to SME housebuilders in the UK. The company's representative, Adrianfb, expressed a keen interest in exploring DeFi to expand their asset type's accessibility to the crypto community. As they are new to Aave, they sought advice on potential partnerships with the protocol and community.

In response to this, Tor_GAINS recommended visiting the AaveGrants Twitter page for more information. However, they also pointed out that the website was temporarily unavailable due to unspecified reasons 1,2. This exchange of ideas and suggestions indicates a growing interest in the intersection of traditional finance and DeFi, particularly in the real estate sector.

The discussion did not conclude with a definitive plan or partnership, but it opened up possibilities for FutureBricks to explore DeFi and potentially collaborate with Aave. This could lead to innovative solutions that bridge the gap between traditional real estate financing and the crypto community.

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