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Bgdlabs has started publishing security reports for on-chain governance proposals on their GitHub page, aiming to enhance the voting process's resilience and community confidence. The reports provide a technical analysis of each proposal, but do not guarantee issue-free proposals, and the community has responded positively to this transparency initiative.

Bgdlabs has initiated a new practice of publishing security reports for on-chain governance proposals, aiming to bolster the resilience of the voting process and instill greater confidence in the community. These reports will offer a technical breakdown of each proposal, scrutinizing the executable payload and the quality of pre-proposal procedures. Despite this, Bgdlabs has made it clear that these reports are not infallible and do not guarantee the absence of issues within the proposal. They also stressed that they are not the originators or gatekeepers of these proposals. The reports are accessible on their GitHub page1.

The community has responded positively to this development, with members such as EzR3aL and Fig expressing their appreciation. They believe that this move enhances transparency and aids in comprehending the technical facets of the proposals 2,4.

In addition, Bgdlabs has provided links to their reports on Proposal 75: Freeze UST and update parameters of stETH and Proposal 76: Consolidate Reserve Factors and Enable Borrowing DPI. Both proposals are currently open for voting 3,5. This initiative by Bgdlabs is a significant step towards fostering a more informed and confident community, ready to engage in on-chain governance with a deeper understanding of the proposals at hand.

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