BGD. Working Day 0

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The Aave community has approved the Aave and BGD proposal, marking the start of Bgdlabs' contributions which include migrating from Aave v2 to v3, developing a governance proposal verification tool, and expanding cross-chain governance. Bgdlabs will also provide technical support, conduct security reviews, and encourage community involvement for the success of these initiatives.

The Aave community has welcomed a significant development with the passing of the Aave and BGD proposal on-chain. This marks the beginning of Bgdlabs' contribution to the community, with a comprehensive plan of action outlined for the coming months.

The implementation phase includes the migration from Aave v2 Ethereum to Aave v3, the development of a governance proposal verification tool, and the migration of aBPT/stkABPT to Balancer v2. Additionally, there are plans to rescue funds locked on Aave ecosystem contracts and make miscellaneous Aave UI fixes. The design phase will see the development of a Governance v3 prototype, an open discussion on Aave tokenomics, and exploration of options to expand cross-chain governance to all Aave pools.

In terms of technical support, Bgdlabs will assist with listings of various tokens. They will also conduct security reviews on several upcoming proposals and coordinate with the Certora team on a timeline of developments that will need properties-proving. Furthermore, they will manage bounty regarding the Aave v3 mock-oracle security disclosure.

The community has shown enthusiasm for these developments, with Stani expressing excitement and EzR3aL and A_J offering their support. Bgdlabs has encouraged community members to contribute by giving feedback, creating issues on their GitHub repositories, and proposing new features.

In conclusion, the Aave community is set to undergo significant changes and improvements, with Bgdlabs leading the way. The community's support and involvement will be crucial in ensuring the success of these initiatives.

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