Historical health factor for any given user at any given time in history

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Chucklehehe seeks a data file containing user health factors and block times for liquidation opportunity analysis, acknowledging the complexity of calculating health factors. The discussion includes recommendations for tools like Aave Liquidations and Velocity app, issues with pasting specific addresses, and the possibility of purchasing historical health factors, but leaves the outcome unresolved.

The discussion primarily revolves around the quest of Chucklehehe to obtain a data file containing health factors for all users and block times, with the aim of analyzing the responsiveness of liquidators to liquidation opportunities. The user acknowledges the complexity of calculating health factors due to factors such as interest rate compounding1.

In response, Fig recommends the Aave Liquidations tool developed by Flipside Crypto's data science team, which allows data querying via SQL2. Adamk shows interest in the tool but faces difficulty in pasting a specific address. Fig provides a solution to this issue 3,4.

The conversation then shifts to Chucklehehe's inquiry about accessing multiple user health factors in bulk data, such as through SQL, for an analysis of 10,000 users. The user is open to purchasing any subscription service that could provide this data5. Fig suggests that this data can be queried with shroomDK or in the new Velocity app, Flipside Crypto's Web SQL editor. However, AAVE Address Health scores are not calculated for all addresses out-of-the-box, so they would need to be calculated from AAVE tables6.

The discussion concludes with Chucklehehe asking about the unavailability of health factors in Velocity and the possibility of purchasing historical health factors that are directly available due to the computation-heavy process of calculating health factors7. The outcome of these inquiries remains unresolved in the discussion.

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