Proposal AAVE comminity expansion

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Arcangelo proposed a multi-pronged approach to expand the AAVA crypto community, including educational meetups, blog integration, music events with NFT tickets, and physical marketing. The community's response and funding decisions will determine the feasibility of these initiatives.

The discussion primarily revolved around the expansion of the AAVA crypto community, with Arcangelo leading the charge with a unique proposal. As a musician, videomaker, and traveller, he suggested a multi-faceted approach to increase the community's reach and influence. His idea involved travelling to various locations to conduct educational and introductory meetups about AAVA crypto, thereby spreading awareness and knowledge about the community and its objectives.

In addition to these meetups, Arcangelo proposed integrating his blog with AAVA crypto, which would serve as another platform to promote the community. He also suggested the innovative idea of organizing music events and artist exhibitions, with NFT tickets as a novel and relevant method of entry. This would not only attract a diverse audience but also introduce them to the concept of NFTs and their connection to the AAVA crypto community. Furthermore, he proposed the distribution of AAVA logo stickers and banners as a form of physical marketing.

Arcangelo expressed his willingness to provide more details about his proposal, contingent on the community's interest and their ability to fund these initiatives. This discussion represents a proactive approach to community expansion, with a focus on education, integration, and innovative marketing strategies. The community's response to Arcangelo's proposal and their decision on funding these initiatives will determine the next steps for the AAVA crypto community's expansion.

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