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The Aave community is divided over a proposed logo redesign initiated by Nikitakoshchiy, with some members like Davidpgil supporting it, others like EzR3aL expressing reservations due to the current logo's recognition, and some like Tsark having a more nuanced view. No consensus has been reached yet, and the community is awaiting further discussions or a potential vote to decide the logo's future.

The topic of discussion revolved around a proposed redesign of the Aave logo, initiated by Nikitakoshchiy1. The new design received mixed reactions from the community. Davidpgil was in favor of the redesign, praising it as solid and cute2. However, EzR3aL expressed reservations about changing the current logo due to its established recognition, despite appreciating the new design4.

Meanwhile, Tsark had a more nuanced view, acknowledging the need for a change in the current logo but not fully endorsing the proposed design. They did, however, express a liking for the letter mark part of the redesign5. The discussion thus far has not led to a consensus, with varying opinions on both the need for a change and the proposed design. The community awaits further input and possibly a vote to decide the future of the Aave logo.

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