Add Notifications Center to Aave v3

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The HAL team proposed integrating a Notifications Center into the Aave protocol, requesting a $250,000 grant from the Aave DAO. After discussions around potential bias, centralization, and budget concerns, a revised proposal was presented with a more decentralized approach, including a Discord channel for user support and a modified payment structure.

The discussion revolved around the proposal by the HAL team to integrate a Notifications Center into the Aave protocol. The team believes this would enhance user engagement and risk management, and requested a $250,000 grant from the Aave DAO to establish a Community Notifications Center subgroup1.

However, Sakulstra raised concerns about the potential bias towards a specific notification service and questioned the proposed budget2. In response, the HAL team clarified that the grant was for the Notification center to be under the Aave brand, with HAL only providing the service3. Sendrax supported the proposal but expressed concerns about the potential for centralization and suggested that some of the gains should go back to the protocol4.

Fig suggested a more decentralized approach by hosting HAL via IPFS5, to which HAL.xyz agreed and proposed a revised proposal for a quarterly maintenance contract6. Eboado suggested a deeper understanding of the collaboration and proposed the creation of a discord channel for user support8.

In response to the feedback, HAL.xyz proposed a new structure for their collaboration with Aave, including development/improvement costs and service running costs. They also suggested creating a Discord channel for user support, which would be managed by HAL personnel9.

The discussion concluded with HAL.xyz presenting a modified proposal for the Aave Notification Center, which included costs for front-end development, operations, user support, and improvements. The first payment would be $40,000, with subsequent quarterly payments of $30,000, to be made in stablecoins or AAVE equivalent9.

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