[Draft]Create AAVE investment dao

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The discussion emphasizes expanding the AAVE ecosystem through strategic project investments, with the formation of an investment group proposed to identify beneficial projects. The Aave X OnePiece project is highlighted as an example, offering enhanced capital efficiency, liquidation protection, and simplified interoperability tasks for AAVE users.

The discussion primarily revolves around the expansion of the AAVE ecosystem, with Shanjiefengyi advocating for the investment in more projects. They suggest the formation of an investment group that would be responsible for identifying and targeting projects that could potentially benefit the AAVE ecosystem.

One such project that was highlighted is the Aave X OnePiece project. This initiative is designed to enhance capital efficiency and prevent position liquidation for AAVE users. It offers a two-tier protection against liquidation and can boost users' capital efficiency by as much as 50%. Furthermore, it simplifies tasks involving interoperability between AAVE and other protocols, eliminating the need for users to manually execute these tasks1.

In conclusion, the discussion suggests a strategic shift towards project investment as a means to broaden the AAVE ecosystem. The Aave X OnePiece project serves as a prime example of the potential benefits such an approach could yield, particularly in terms of improving capital efficiency and preventing position liquidation for users.

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