Ways to participate in RFPs?

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The discussion emphasized the role of community involvement in AAVE's growth, particularly in Web App development and UX. Aave Grants were proposed as a potential resource for members wishing to make significant contributions.

The discussion primarily revolved around the growth and development of the AAVE community, with a particular focus on Web App development and user experience (UX). Penny, a member with DeFi experience, expressed her keen interest in contributing to this growth. She sought advice on how to become more involved in the community's projects1.

In response to Penny's query, Alex_BertoG proposed the idea of Aave Grants. These grants, according to him, could provide both the necessary funding and a plethora of ideas for Penny and her team to explore and implement. This suggestion implies that Aave Grants could be a potential avenue for members looking to contribute more significantly to the AAVE community2.

In conclusion, the discussion highlighted the importance of community involvement in the growth of AAVE, particularly in the area of Web App development and UX. It also pointed out the potential of Aave Grants as a resource for members seeking to make substantial contributions.

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