ARC: Social Impact Treasury Allocation via GoodDollar Staking

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Gustavo has proposed an Aave treasury allocation to redirect yields to GoodDollar's Universal Basic Income (UBI) distribution, making Aave a key stakeholder in GoodDollar's protocol and offering access to its large community. The proposal includes a DAO-2-DAO relationship, potential G$ staking rewards for Aave, and a signalling poll to determine Aave's stake in UBI’s GoodDollar TrustFund.

In a bid to foster innovation and impactful relationships within the Ethereum and web3 ecosystems, Gustavo has proposed an Aave treasury allocation that would redirect yields towards GoodDollar's Universal Basic Income (UBI) distribution mechanism, while keeping the aToken reserve investment within Aave’s ownership1. This proposal would see Aave earn rewards in both fully exchangeable G$ tokens and GOOD governance tokens.

GoodDollar, a UBI-driven protocol/cryptocurrency, delivers a crypto UBI token (G$) to over 300,000 unique users worldwide. The proposal suggests a DAO-2-DAO relationship between Aave DAO and GoodDAO, where Aave DAO would earn GOOD as a reward for allocating aUSDC to the GoodDollar Trust Fund1. This would make Aave an important stakeholder in GoodDollar's economic opportunity protocol, and provide brand-building access to GoodDollar's large community. If Aave were to allocate 1.1M aUSDC, the DAO would be entitled to approximately 12.5% of GoodDollar's GOOD distribution1.

In addition to this, Aave DAO would be eligible to participate in the G$ staking rewards program, which is distributing 145.5M G$ to stakers who support UBI generation. The proposal also offers the option for Aave DAO to waive their economic rewards1. A signalling poll has been included in the proposal, asking how much Aave DAO should stake into UBI’s GoodDollar TrustFund and whether Aave DAO should claim the corresponding G$ for their contribution1. This proposal represents a significant potential partnership between Aave and GoodDollar, with potential benefits for both parties and their respective communities.

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