Proposal to Integrate Tally Wallet - Metamask Killer!

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Tally, a free, open-source Web3 wallet, has been introduced to counter the dominance of corporate-run software in the cryptocurrency wallet sector. The early release, the Community Edition, supports interaction with DeFi dApps, accurate gas cost estimation, and multiple address portfolio tracking, with plans for integration with AAVE's dAPP and wallet connection libraries like Onboard.js, Web3react, and wagmi-xyz.

The discussion primarily revolved around Tally, a free, open-source Web3 wallet introduced by LeonTally. Tally was developed as a counter to the increasing dominance of corporate-run, closed source software in the realm of cryptocurrency wallets. The wallet's guiding principles are access over privilege, open source over restrictive licensing, and community ownership over centralized profiteering.

The early release of the Tally wallet browser extension, known as the Community Edition, has been launched. It boasts features such as interaction with DeFi dApps, accurate gas cost estimation, multiple address portfolio tracking, and easy importation of Recovery Phrase from MetaMask. Tally is also actively seeking integration with AAVE's dAPP, and supports wallet connection libraries including Onboard.js, Web3react, and wagmi-xyz.

Community member Nax has expressed support for the proposal and highlighted the necessity of major platform support for Tally's success. For further information and support, the Tally Discord and their documentation site are available resources. The discussion thus underscores the community's enthusiasm for Tally and its potential to revolutionize the cryptocurrency wallet landscape.

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