Aave Polygon User Retention Dashboard

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The Aave user retention analytics dashboard, developed by Dapplooker and funded by Aave Grants DAO, successfully provides aggregated, cohort, and funnel metrics for user engagement on the Polygon network, despite high transaction volumes. Additionally, a potential security risk was eliminated in the Aave Oracle by setting the fallback oracle reference to address 0 for all Aave v3 markets.

The discussion primarily revolved around the development and updates of an Aave user retention analytics dashboard, also known as cohort analysis, for the Polygon network. This project, funded by Aave Grants DAO, was successfully completed by Dapplooker1. The dashboard, which can be accessed via a provided link, offers aggregated metrics, cohort metrics, and funnel metrics, all aimed at tracking user engagement and refining customer engagement strategies1. Despite the challenges posed by the high volume of transactions on Aave Polygon, the team was able to optimize the data and metrics1.

Throughout the year, the dashboard underwent several updates, with user retention data for January and February being added to both the Aave Ethereum and Aave Polygon dashboards2,3. In June, Dapplooker provided another update for both dashboards and introduced the feature of building custom charts5.

In a separate but related discussion, Luuquocviet from BGD confirmed that the fallback oracle, a deprecated component on the Aave Oracle, had its reference set to address 0 for all Aave v3 markets, thereby eliminating a potential attack vector4. They also proposed that USDC would be a more straightforward underlying token for a full on-chain process4.

In conclusion, the discussion highlighted the successful development and continuous updates of the Aave user retention analytics dashboard, and the removal of a potential security risk in the Aave Oracle. The dashboard has proven to be a valuable tool for tracking user engagement and optimizing customer engagement strategies.

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