Proposal to extend Aave to Fuse Network

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Fuse Network proposed extending the Aave protocol to their blockchain, offering potential benefits like access to a rapidly growing EVM-compatible platform. However, concerns were raised about Fuse Network's low liquidity and lack of Chainlink oracles, leading to mixed community responses and the need for further evaluation.

The discussion primarily revolved around the proposal by Daniil.gor from Fuse Network to extend the Aave protocol to the Fuse Network blockchain. Fuse Network, an EVM-compatible blockchain-based platform, is focused on crypto payments and DeFi. It is connected to several major blockchain platforms and has a number of DeFi protocols either already launched or about to launch. The proposed benefits for Aave include access to a rapidly growing EVM-compatible platform and ecosystem, as well as the opportunity to leverage user-friendly mobile-centric tools developed by Fuse1.

However, Neptune raised concerns about the proposal, pointing out the low liquidity on Fuse Network and the lack of Chainlink oracles on chain. They questioned the feasibility and worth of deploying Aave on Fuse Network at this stage, considering there are other protocols and L2s with a larger user base and liquidity9. Amidst the discussion, MarcZeller had to intervene to clean the thread from low effort, first-time poster shill army replies, emphasizing that such noise is not appreciated on the governance forum and tends to harm the proposal more than it helps18.

In conclusion, while the proposal to extend Aave to Fuse Network presents potential benefits, it also raises concerns about the current state of Fuse Network's liquidity and infrastructure. The community's response has been mixed, with some members expressing skepticism and others advocating for the proposal. The final decision will likely depend on further discussions and evaluations of the potential risks and rewards.

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