Launch Aave V3 on Optimism

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The discussion focused on a proposal to deploy Aave V3 on Optimism, a Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup network, to provide a cost-effective lending protocol for DeFi users. The proposal, supported by key figures and backed by impressive metrics, concluded with a consensus on the potential benefits of this deployment.

The discussion primarily revolved around the proposal by Vonnie610 to deploy Aave V3 onto Optimism, a Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup network. The aim of this deployment is to provide a reliable lending protocol for DeFi users, while circumventing the high fees associated with Ethereum. Optimism is engineered to uphold Ethereum's security guarantees while simultaneously reducing its cost and latency. It is EVM equivalent, which facilitates a smooth transition from L1 to L2, and it supports one-click deployments and is fully compatible with most Ethereum developer tools.

Furthermore, Optimism serves as a public goods funding mechanism. Deployments on Optimism contribute to the funding of open-source public goods. It has garnered support from Gnosis, TheGraph, and Chainlink, and has demonstrated impressive metrics such as a TVL of $431m, 31k ETH in fee savings over the past month, and 169k unique addresses since regenesis.

MarcZeller concurred with the proposal, asserting that Optimism possesses the necessary infrastructure for a seamless V3 deployment. He also highlighted the support Optimism has from the OG ETH community and some existing DeFi ecosystem, making it an excellent candidate for the V3 launch. The discussion thus concluded with a general consensus on the potential benefits of deploying Aave V3 onto Optimism.

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