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Dennisonbertram announced the successful audit of the Tally SafeGuard Contracts, a grant-funded project introducing a timelock feature for enhanced security and control in DAOs. The Audit Report is now available, highlighting the project's transparency and accountability.

The community was informed by Dennisonbertram about the successful completion of the audit for the Tally SafeGuard Contracts, a project funded by a grant. The Tally SafeGuard is a significant development as it introduces a timelock feature that can be placed behind a permissions layer. This makes it compatible with various other tools such as OpenZeppelin Governor, Gnosis Safe, and Externally Owned Accounts.

The introduction of this feature paves the way for the creation of permission groups within a DAO. This means that while an individual can have the permission to create a proposal, only a DAO has the ability to execute it. This adds an extra layer of security and control within the DAO. The audit for the Safeguard Contracts has been completed and the Audit Report is now available for review1.

In conclusion, the Tally SafeGuard Contracts represent a significant step forward in enhancing the security and control mechanisms within a DAO. The successful audit of these contracts and the availability of the Audit Report for review further underscores the transparency and accountability of the process.

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