Add HAL push-in notification system on Aave

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The proposal by to integrate the HAL notification system into the AAVE UI, allowing users to create triggers for Pool Health Factor updates, was generally well-received. The system aims to increase protocol engagement and reduce liquidation risk, with clarifying its functionality, compatibility, and data privacy compliance in response to user queries.

The discussion revolved around the proposal by to integrate the HAL notification system into the AAVE UI. This integration would allow users to create "recipes" or triggers on HAL, which would notify them about the status of their Pool Health Factor on various platforms. The aim is to increase protocol engagement and reduce the risk of liquidation by keeping users informed about their position's health factor conditions1.

The proposal received support from users like Neptune and Pakim249, who appreciated the control and information it would provide to borrowers and lenders, and its minimal and non-intrusive nature respectively2,4. Questions were raised by Fig and Alex_BertoG about the term "recipe", the applicability of HAL on Ethereum-based protocols, how differs from a product like EPNS, and the treatment of personal information6,7.

In response, clarified that a "recipe" is a trigger based on specific use cases, and that HAL operates like IFTTT for the blockchain. They explained that HAL supports various EVM compatible chains and can support any protocols deployed on these chains. They also differentiated HAL from EPNS, stating that while EPNS requires dApps to integrate it, HAL is a SaaS that directly monitors the relevant blockchains and supports tracking various Aave metrics. They also assured that HAL is compliant with European GDPR rules and US ones, and only collects essential personal data needed to deliver the service8,9.

In conclusion, the integration of the HAL notification system into the AAVE UI was generally well-received, with users appreciating the additional control and information it would provide. The proposal is seen as a step towards increasing protocol engagement and reducing the risk of liquidation for AAVE users.

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