aAMPL FAQ - Improving UX and decreasing information asymmetry

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The discussion focuses on the confusion about Aave's Ampl market, with many users struggling to understand its workings and risks, leading to high APYs and poor user experience. To address this, Eele has created a FAQ to educate users and proposed its inclusion on the Aave frontend, while Eboado suggests collaboration with forum members and adding information about the AMPL reserve on the Aave open source UI.

The discussion primarily revolves around the confusion surrounding Aave's Ampl market. Eele has identified that many users are struggling to understand the workings and associated risks of the market, leading to unexpected high APYs and a subpar user experience. To mitigate this, Eele has developed a FAQ to educate market participants and enhance their experience. They have proposed that this FAQ be linked on the Aave frontend for the AMPL market, although they are uncertain about the procedure for this and are seeking feedback and suggestions1.

Eboado has expressed support for Eele's initiative, agreeing that there is a need for clear explanations about the dynamics of assets like AMPL. They have recommended that Eele collaborate with active forum thread members about AMPL on Aave to ensure the FAQ is comprehensive. Additionally, they have proposed the inclusion of extra information about the AMPL reserve on the Aave open source UI2.

In conclusion, the discussion has highlighted the need for better user education about the Aave Ampl market. The community is actively working towards this, with the creation of a FAQ and potential enhancements to the Aave open source UI being key steps in this direction.

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