[ARC] Implement a UNI-V2 Liquidity Pool Token Market: Initial Discussion

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The Aave community is discussing a proposal by Zer0dot to replace the outdated UNI-V1 market with a UNI-V2 money market, potentially unlocking over a billion dollars in new collateral with no additional risk or negative gas cost repercussions. The proposal, which has received significant community support, is currently under a vote to determine its implementation.

The discussion primarily revolves around the proposal by Zer0dot to implement a UNI-V2 money market in the Aave protocol, replacing the outdated UNI-V1 market which currently has less than $300,000 in total value locked. The proposed UNI-V2 market would allow the deposit of UNI-V2 tokens into the protocol for use as collateral, potentially unlocking over a billion dollars worth of new collateral. This proposal does not pose additional risk to existing Aave markets and does not have negative gas cost repercussions. The initial pairs suggested for this implementation are DAI/ETH, LINK/ETH, and USDC/ETH, with a possibility of considering WBTC/ETH and USDT/ETH pairs in the future1.

The proposal has received support from several community members, including S_rank and Dydymoon. S_rank has particularly emphasized the potential benefits of adding pairs like WBTC-ETH and ETH-USDT, which have significant value locked up2,3. John432 has also expressed support for the idea4.

In conclusion, the community seems to be in favor of the proposed implementation of the UNI-V2 money market in the Aave protocol. A vote has been initiated to further gauge the community sentiment on this proposal. The outcome of this vote will determine the next steps in this process.

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