Benefits of holding AAVE?

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The discussion focused on the benefits of holding the AAVE token, currently limited to governance voting rights and earning potential through staking. There's active community engagement in exploring AAVE's tokenomics for potential future benefits.

The topic of discussion revolved around the benefits of holding the AAVE token. The conversation was initiated by JackCode, who highlighted the known advantages such as governance voting rights and the potential to earn more AAVE through staking1. However, EzR3aL pointed out that, as of now, there are no additional benefits, but there is an active dialogue concerning the tokenomics of AAVE and its potential implications2.

Adding to the conversation, ClothingCavalryForce expressed optimism about the future, suggesting the possibility of value accrual3. This indicates that while the current benefits of holding AAVE are limited to governance and staking, there is ongoing discussion and hope for future benefits. The community seems to be actively engaged in exploring the potential of AAVE's tokenomics, which could lead to further advantages for token holders.

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