ARC: Include Ampl in the Aave Liquidity Mining Program

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Eele proposed enabling stkAAVE rewards for AMPL lenders on the Aave v2 market, arguing that despite the AMPL pool's small size, it generates a significant portion of Aave v2's daily revenue. The proposal, which suggests calculating stkAAVE distribution from the asset's profit rather than liquidity contribution, was met with general agreement, indicating a positive outlook for its implementation.

The discussion revolved around the proposal by Eele to enable stkAAVE rewards for AMPL lenders on the Aave v2 market1. The argument was based on the fact that the AMPL pool, despite making up less than 0.1% of Aave v2 TVL, generated a significant 24.8% of total daily revenue for Aave v2 as of November 27th. The proposal suggested that enabling stkAAVE rewards would incentivize AMPL lenders to deposit more, thereby growing this pool and revenue stream.

The proposal was met with agreement from several users, including Janu, Zixaun, QuantumEvolver, _CarpeDiem, and RomanPope 2,3,4,5,6. They concurred that stkAAVE rewards would be a great incentive for AMPL lenders, especially considering that lenders receive a lower APY than borrowers. The AMPL lending pool was also recognized as one of the most innovative in the crypto space, and it was suggested that AAVE rewards could further promote the pool and attract more users to the platform.

The consensus was that the stkAAVE distribution should be calculated from the profit that the asset brings, not only from the amount of liquidity contributed by lenders. This proposal was seen as beneficial for both AMPL and AAVE. The discussion concluded with a general agreement on the proposal, indicating a positive outlook for the implementation of stkAAVE rewards for AMPL lenders on the Aave v2 market.

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