Aave Multi-chain IDO Launchpad

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The discussion focused on Shane's proposal for a Multi-chain IDO Launchpad by Aave to boost $AAVE token utility, with early IDO access for token holders potentially increasing demand. However, concerns were raised about attracting speculators, excluding participants without large AAVE stakes, and artificially inflating the AAVE price, despite potential indirect benefits for token holders.

The discussion primarily revolved around the proposal by Shane for the creation of a Multi-chain IDO Launchpad by Aave to increase the utility of the $AAVE token1. The idea was to require investors to hold a minimum amount of $AAVE to gain early access to IDOs, which Shane believed would increase the demand for $AAVE tokens, add value for new and existing token holders, and strengthen the multi-chain Aave community1. However, Neptune raised concerns about the potential for attracting speculators rather than users into the AAVE ecosystem and questioned the need for an IDO platform to educate community members about new projects3.

The discussion further delved into the potential downsides of the IDO mechanism. Neptune expressed disapproval of the IDO mechanism, arguing that it could exclude many participants who do not have the funds to stake large amounts of AAVE and could be used to artificially inflate the AAVE price3. Shane acknowledged these risks but suggested that AAVE token holders could still benefit indirectly from the IDO mechanism through increased token value5. They also proposed that all AAVE token holders could be granted IDO access, with restrictions on participation levels5.

The discussion concluded with IDecentralized expressing skepticism about the need for an IDO mechanism and praising the Aave team for their innovation6. Shane agreed with IDecentralized's praise for the Aave team and expressed their commitment to the platform7. The topic of a controversial figure who had made dramatic statements about Ethereum was also briefly touched upon by EzR3aL and Shane 9,10. Overall, the discussion provided a comprehensive exploration of the potential benefits and drawbacks of introducing an IDO Launchpad to the Aave platform.

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