Rebrand proposal for Aave

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Aave's potential rebranding, proposed by Nikitakoshchiy, including a new logo and website design, has sparked a positive response within the community. The final decision is pending from Aave's leaders, with the community eagerly awaiting their response.

The discussion primarily revolves around a proposed rebranding for Aave, initiated by Nikitakoshchiy. This proposal includes a fresh logo and a novel design concept for the website and Twitter profile. The user has shared their design in the discussion, seeking support and hoping it will catch the attention of Aave's leaders1. The proposal has already started to gain traction within the community, with Emilio expressing a positive response and complimenting the design2.

The discussion is currently ongoing, with community members actively sharing their thoughts and opinions on the proposed rebranding. The overall sentiment appears to be positive, with many users appreciating the fresh and modern design proposed by Nikitakoshchiy. However, the final decision rests with Aave's leaders, who are yet to respond to the proposal.

In conclusion, the topic of rebranding Aave has sparked a lively discussion within the community. The proposed design by Nikitakoshchiy has been well-received, but the final decision is pending from Aave's leaders. The community eagerly awaits their response.

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