Discussion: AAVE V2 Pioneers Receive Access to rAAVE Events

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The discussion, initiated by IDecentralized, is about a proposal to grant pioneers access to future rAAVE events using rAAVE as a ticket, merging DeFi and NFTs. The idea, currently under community review, could potentially shape the Aave ecosystem's future, emphasizing the importance of early adopters' contributions.

The discussion primarily revolves around the proposal put forth by IDecentralized, suggesting that pioneers should have access to future rAAVE events. The idea is to use the rAAVE as a ticket, a concept that has sparked interest and debate within the community. IDecentralized also shared a link to POAP, a platform that rewards the first 100 pioneers of the Aave V2 protocol with a limited NFT. This proposal is currently open for community feedback, indicating that the discussion is ongoing and the community's input is highly valued.

The concept of rewarding pioneers with access to future events is seen as a way to acknowledge their early involvement and contribution to the Aave V2 protocol. The use of rAAVE as a ticket is an innovative approach that combines the worlds of DeFi and NFTs, further enhancing the value proposition of the Aave ecosystem. The link to POAP shared by IDecentralized serves as an example of how such a system could be implemented.

In conclusion, the discussion is centered around the potential implementation of a reward system for early adopters of the Aave V2 protocol. The idea of using rAAVE as a ticket to future events is currently under community review. The outcome of this discussion could potentially shape the future of the Aave ecosystem, making it a significant topic of interest for all community members.

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