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Atlantis World, a pixel metaverse, aims to revolutionize the virtual world by integrating token-gating, video calling, gamified DeFi, and in-game DAO voting, with plans to gamify leading dApps/protocols and provide interactive learning modules. The platform, which has already integrated the Aave Protocol and won a hackathon prize, is seeking support in the form of grants, mentorship, tech support, and community feedback, and is exploring partnerships and collaborations for further growth and development.

The discussion revolves around Atlantis World, a pixel metaverse introduced by Revmiller that aims to integrate token-gating, video calling, gamified DeFi, and in-game DAO voting. The platform is designed to be accessible and lightweight, contrasting with existing virtual worlds that require high-cost hardware. Atlantis World plans to gamify leading dApps/protocols and provide interactive learning modules, creating an onboarding opportunity into DeFi. The platform also features user-owned, token-gated cities with video/audio calling capabilities for community interaction. Atlantis World has integrated the Aave Protocol and won a hackathon prize for this integration. The platform is also seeking support in the form of grant funding, mentorship, tech support, community/user feedback, and joint marketing1.

The discussion also reveals that Atlantis World is building Balancer City with a new grant. The platform has already seen significant community growth and partnerships, with 2.7k+ early access sign-ups and 2.8k+ active Discord users. A demo is available for users to try out1. Fig expresses interest in the project and asks about the resources needed to fully experience Atlantis World and whether users can exist in multiple cities at once. They also inquire about the cost of entering or creating a city and whether there are limitations on membership size due to server space2. 0xbilll encourages Revmiller to apply for Aave Grants and offers to help amplify the project through Aave Grants' social channels3.

In response to Fig's questions, Revmiller explains that users can access the demo using Metamask or WalletConnect. They also mention that they've integrated the login option via UnstoppableDomains and may enable a 'guest'/'spectator' mode in the future. They emphasize that Atlantis World is open, diverse, and interconnected, with community and culture at its core. They also reveal plans to add token-gated access to some areas in Atlantis World and to launch community/ecosystem growth programs and scholarships. They have already onboarded several top players such as Polygon, Audius, Yearn Finance, Balancer, Perpetual Protocol, and MetaCartel4.

Revmiller had productive discussions about Aave City and further integrations with Aave core contributors at ETH Lisbon, including rAAVE. They have also been in contact with Calvin from Impossible / Aave Grants for feedback and suggestions. A proposal has been created and posted for feedback from the Aave community, with the aim of building the best possible Aave experience within Atlantis World. They are exploring ways to maximize server capabilities and are confident of hosting large-scale virtual events within token-gated cities by Q1 2022, along with opt-in video/audio calling for attendees4.

Revmiller also expressed interest in connecting with 0xbilll to explore growth opportunities5. ElisaFly showed support for Revmiller's vision and offered to assist in securing a grant from Enzyme in Atlantis, as well as providing other forms of support such as technical and marketing6. In response, Revmiller expressed interest in collaborating with ElisaFly and Enzyme Finance to onboard the best web3 projects and create a robust, interconnected, positive-sum Atlantis World ecosystem7.

In conclusion, Atlantis World is a promising platform that aims to revolutionize the metaverse by integrating various web3 technologies and creating a community-owned, decentralized environment. The platform has already garnered significant interest and support from the community, and is actively seeking partnerships and collaborations to further its growth and development.

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