Proposal: Enable Governance from the Aave tokens on other chains where Aave is deployed

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Robhaisfield's proposal to change Aave's governance structure, based on the assumption that mainnet Aave holders govern all Polygon deployments, was corrected by Neptune who revealed that Avalanche and Polygon deployments are not currently governed. This led to a revision of the initial proposal, emphasizing the importance of understanding existing structures before suggesting changes.

The discussion was initiated by Robhaisfield, who suggested a change in the governance structure of Aave. He proposed that Aave holders on each individual chain should govern the Aave deployments on that chain, or alternatively, the governance of Aave as a whole should be chain-agnostic. This proposal was based on the assumption that Aave holders on the mainnet currently govern all Polygon deployments.

However, this assumption was corrected by Neptune, who pointed out that the current status quo is that Avalanche and Polygon deployments are not governed at all. Furthermore, Snapshot, the voting mechanism, is already set up to allow voting with MaticAAVE and amAAVE. This information led to Robhaisfield revising his initial proposal, acknowledging that it was irrelevant given the current governance structure 1,3.

In conclusion, the discussion clarified the current governance structure of Aave and corrected misconceptions about the role of Aave holders on different chains. The initial proposal for a change in governance was deemed irrelevant, as it was based on incorrect assumptions about the current system. This highlights the importance of understanding the existing structures and mechanisms before proposing changes.

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