Where is my asset?

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User Jjvm couldn't see their Bat and Snx assets on the Aave app, but they were visible on the explorer. The issue was identified as the assets being in Aave V1, and the user was advised to contact support, highlighting the importance of using correct channels for queries.

The discussion began with user Jjvm raising a concern about the visibility of their assets on the Aave app. They noted that their Bat and Snx assets were not visible in the app, but could be seen on the explorer. In response, Alex_BertoG offered to look into the issue, provided that Jjvm shared their public address, which they did 1,2,3.

However, MarcZeller pointed out that the assets in question were in Aave V1, and suggested that Jjvm reach out to support for assistance. He further clarified that the governance section of the forum was not the appropriate venue for such discussions. Following this, the thread was closed4. This incident underscores the importance of directing queries to the correct channels to ensure efficient resolution.

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