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The Aave community, a decentralized finance protocol, is showing strong support and enthusiasm for the project's progress and governance. However, concerns were raised about potential dilution of value due to the addition of extra tokens to the supply.

What is this about?

The discussion revolves around the Aave community, a decentralized finance protocol that allows people to lend and borrow crypto. Many members introduced themselves, including Pet3rpan from MetaCartel Ventures, Monet-supply, a DeFi enthusiast, and Emilio, an Aave core developer. The CEO of Aave, Stani, also joined the discussion, expressing hope for good discussions on creating better finance via decentralization. The community is excited about the progress of Aave and the move towards governance in DeFi. There was also an announcement about a project called AIPic by [Alex_BertoG.


##) How is the community reacting?

The community is reacting positively, with many expressing their excitement and support for Aave and the DeFi community. Several members, including DrAdz786, Toad, and Malbec, introduced themselves and shared their backgrounds and interests. Williamr, a risk analytics and blockchain enthusiast, and Lea from team Centrifuge, also joined the community. CryptoRand, a long-time follower of LEND since its ICO in 2017, expressed excitement about the community and project. However, Chris1 raised concerns about the addition of extra tokens to the supply, which he believes could dilute the value of existing tokens.

Why this is positive?

The positive aspect of this discussion is the enthusiasm and support shown by the community members for Aave and the DeFi community. Many members are looking forward to contributing to the Aave governance and are excited about the future of the protocol. The community is also welcoming new members, who are introducing themselves and sharing their backgrounds and interests. This shows a healthy and growing community that is open to new ideas and contributions.

Why this is negative?

The only negative aspect noted in the discussion was the concern raised by Chris1 about the addition of extra tokens to the supply. He believes this could dilute the value of existing tokens. However, Sirsoth suggested that this topic be discussed in other threads, indicating that the community is open to addressing concerns and having constructive discussions.

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