Aave - September 21 Financial Report

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The Aave Treasury Report, a monthly publication by Llama, provides a detailed overview of Aave's financial performance, including income, expenses, and token flow across all reserves. Despite summer price fluctuations, Aave's treasury remains strong at $604 million, indicating a healthy financial status and readiness for future operations.

The discussion primarily revolved around the second iteration of the Aave Treasury Report, presented by the authors from Llama, namely MatthewGraham, Elliott, and MSilb7. This report, which is set to be a monthly publication, offers a comprehensive look into Aave's performance. It includes financial statements for each reserve, detailing the income generated and expenses incurred since the start of 2021. Additionally, a token flow statement is incorporated, which not only amalgamates all reserves but also provides a breakdown for each reserve and a consolidation to display the total movement. Llama has also expressed plans to construct a balance sheet for the upcoming quarter and is welcoming feedback for future reports1.

Fig, in his post, praised Elliott's work and provided a succinct summary of the 2021 income, which amounted to $15 million on Ethereum and $5.1 million on Polygon. The treasury balance currently stands at a robust $604 million. Despite facing challenges due to price movements during the summer, the report indicates strong signals and a healthy treasury, which is well-equipped to fund future operations2.

In conclusion, the discussion highlighted the robust financial health of Aave, as evidenced by the comprehensive treasury report. The community's response to the report was largely positive, with members appreciating the transparency and detailed breakdown of financials. The report, along with the planned balance sheet, is expected to provide valuable insights for future operations and decision-making.

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