ARC: Gauge vote incentives on convex to increase stables supply

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The discussion focused on Curmudgeon's proposal to incentivize gauge weight votes for SAAVE and AAVE pools on Curve using 20 stkAAVE tokens each, aiming to subsidize stable coin availability, potentially reduce AAVE's cost of funds, and stabilize APY for lending. However, the proposal sparked debate over the ethics of buying CRV votes and the actual benefits to the AAVE protocol, with the final decision pending a vote on October 28.

The discussion primarily revolved around a proposal by Curmudgeon to incentivize gauge weight votes for SAAVE and AAVE pools on Curve with 20 stkAAVE tokens each. The objective is to subsidize stable coin availability through Curve/Convex token emissions on their pools, potentially leading to a cheaper cost of funds for AAVE and more stable APY for lending1. The proposal also suggests using votium.app for vote generation efficiency. However, due to governance and other processes, the proposal might not pass until the vote of 28 October1.

Curmudgeon further clarified that the proposal aims to lower AAVE’s cost of funds on stablecoins that can be lent out and to help keep AAVE competitive. The proposal could result in an increase in CRV emissions and maintain liquidity in the pool, benefiting AAVE and its borrowers3. However, Pakim249 expressed disagreement with AAVE participating in the bribery game of buying CRV votes for incentives, especially on Polygon. They questioned the actual benefits of these incentives to the AAVE protocol and suggested that organic liquidity on CRV is sufficient for the edge cases in which people would want to swap stablecoin aTokens4.

In addition, Curmudgeon proposed an experiment related to the two AAVE ETH pools, which are currently receiving a subsidy from the Polygon network. The proposal aims to restore the CRV emissions on these pools, which fell from over 10% to less than 1% due to the last CRV gauge vote5. Sbhk supported the proposal and suggested passing a bribe, split 50/50 between two platforms6. Curmudgeon then asked for views on the amount or format of the bribe, noting that the Compound pool has a votium bribe of 11420.69 DAI, which corresponds to 37 AAVE7.

In conclusion, the discussion was centered around the proposal to incentivize gauge weight votes for SAAVE and AAVE pools on Curve, with the aim of subsidizing stable coin availability and potentially lowering the cost of funds for AAVE. However, there were differing views on the benefits of these incentives and the ethics of participating in the bribery game of buying CRV votes. The outcome of the proposal will be determined in the upcoming vote.

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