Safety Module: How does slashing work?

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The community is actively discussing the introduction of slashing to the Safety Module under AIP-7, initiated by Bngsm, with a focus on its impact on individual stakers. However, the implementation details remain unclear, leading to a demand for further clarification and detailed code examples.

The discussion primarily revolves around AIP-7 and the introduction of slashing to the Safety Module, a topic initiated by Bngsm. There is a significant focus on the practical implications of this change, particularly how it would affect individual stakers. Bngsm has expressed uncertainty about the implementation of this feature in code, indicating a need for a more comprehensive explanation and relevant code examples to fully grasp the mechanism of Safety Module slashing1.

The community has been actively engaged in this discussion, with many members sharing their insights and perspectives. However, the specifics of how the slashing would be implemented remain unclear. This has led to a call for more detailed information and a clearer understanding of the process.

In conclusion, the topic of introducing slashing to the Safety Module under AIP-7 has sparked a lively debate within the community. The main takeaway is the need for further clarification and detailed code examples to better understand the proposed changes and their potential impact on individual stakers. The community eagerly awaits more information to continue the discussion and reach a consensus.

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