AAVE: Cross Chain Deployment Success / Priorities

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The AAVE community is discussing the potential expansion to Harmony and Avalanche chains, with both teams ready to deploy once governance votes pass. However, concerns are raised about operational complexities, slow updates to the Polygon market, and the need for efficient asset listing procedures, suggesting the formation of a Risk DAO could be a solution.

The discussion primarily revolves around the expansion of AAVE cross chain to Harmony and Avalanche. User 0x_wgmi brings up two governance proposals, with the Harmony proposal likely to pass in a couple of days and the Avalanche proposal still awaiting a snapshot vote. Both teams are prepared to deploy immediately once the vote passes, potentially leading to AAVE's simultaneous deployment on two new chains. This is seen as a beneficial move for the AAVE ecosystem as it opens up access to new block space and potential users.

However, 0x_wgmi also points out the operational complexities that come with such expansions. These include maintaining clear marketing and communication, prioritizing changes to the AAVE front-end, and providing support for troubleshooting on each deployment. They are keen to understand the policies and procedures being considered to ensure successful deployments and how support for each chain deployment will be prioritized. They also inquire about ways the AAVE community can assist with these expansions.

User Pakim249 concurs with 0x_wgmi's points and further notes that updates to the Polygon market have been slow. This suggests that AAVE may not be effectively meeting the needs of the new chains. They attribute part of the problem to the process of proposing AIPs, which they describe as "painful". They propose considering ways to expedite the process of listing assets without compromising the solvency of the protocol, possibly through the formation of the Risk DAO. This discussion underscores the need for effective strategies and procedures to ensure successful cross-chain expansions.

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