What's preventing someone from voting multiple times?

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The AAVE community's voting process was discussed, specifically addressing concerns about potential vote manipulation. The snapshot feature was highlighted, which fixes voting power at the time of the snapshot, preventing subsequent AAVE token transfers from influencing the vote, thereby ensuring voting integrity and fairness.

The discussion primarily revolved around the voting mechanism in the AAVE community. Josef initiated the conversation by questioning the potential for exploiting the system by using the same AAVE to vote multiple times on the same quorum, achieved by transferring it to multiple addresses1. This query was promptly addressed by Silv.eth, who explained the snapshot feature of each vote. According to Silv.eth, the voting power is determined by the AAVE ownership at the time of the snapshot. Consequently, any subsequent transfer of the AAVE token to another wallet would not confer any voting rights in the ongoing snapshot2. This explanation provided by Silv.eth was acknowledged and appreciated by Josef3.

In conclusion, the discussion clarified the voting process in the AAVE community, specifically addressing the concern of potential vote manipulation. The snapshot feature ensures that voting power is fixed at the time of the snapshot, preventing any subsequent transfers of AAVE tokens from influencing the vote. This mechanism ensures the integrity and fairness of the voting process within the AAVE community.

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