Polygon Swap Errors

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The discussion focused on a temporary issue with swaps on Polygon, initially suspected to be related to mega swap or multi route. The problem was resolved without major interventions, likely due to a temporary downtime of the Paraswap API.

The discussion primarily revolved around an issue reported by Bas regarding swaps on Polygon. The problem was initially thought to be associated with mega swap or multi route, as suggested by Bas 1,2. However, the issue was resolved the following morning, with all values appearing correct and functioning as expected3.

Further into the discussion, Sakulstra proposed a potential cause for the issue. According to them, the problem might have been a result of the Paraswap API being temporarily unavailable4. This explanation seemed plausible and was generally accepted by the community.

In conclusion, the issue with performing swaps on Polygon was a temporary one and was resolved without any major interventions. The likely cause was a temporary downtime of the Paraswap API. The discussion served as a reminder of the potential impact of third-party services on the overall system performance.

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