An Aave-Paladin Voting Market

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Paladin has announced a new protocol designed to enhance governance interactions and address vote lending and liquid influence monopolization in voting markets. The community is eagerly awaiting the protocol's main net launch, scheduled for the end of September, and an upcoming community call for a detailed discussion about the protocol.

The community has been buzzing with the announcement from Figue of Paladin about their new protocol. This protocol is specifically designed to enhance governance interactions within voting markets and coordination mechanisms. The primary focus is to address the prevalent issue of vote lending and liquid influence, which has been largely monopolized by whales.

The solution proposed by Paladin Lending is a dedicated lending protocol that aims to manage influence in governance. This innovative approach is expected to create a mutually beneficial situation for both investors and activists. The community eagerly anticipates the protocol's launch on the main net, which is scheduled for the end of September.

In addition to the protocol announcement, Figue also shared news of an upcoming community call. Scheduled for the 13th of September at 18:00 CET, this call will provide an opportunity for a more detailed discussion about the protocol. The announcement has already sparked interest within the community, with user 3.1415r expressing enthusiasm about the proposal. The community is looking forward to the call and the subsequent launch of the protocol, marking a significant step forward in addressing governance issues within the community.

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