Proposal: Crosschain Governance Test

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Steven proposed a test for a cross-chain governance workflow (AIP-28) to control Aave markets on other chains via Ethereum-based Aave governance. The test, currently open for voting, involves three updates to a mock Polygon Market and uses a new contract, PolygonBridgeExecutor, to queue and potentially cancel the action within a three-day window.

The discussion revolves around a proposal by Steven for a test of a cross-chain governance workflow, as outlined in AIP-28. The test aims to assess the new bridging functionality that would allow Aave markets on other chains to be controlled by Aave governance on Ethereum. The proposal includes three updates to a mock Polygon Market: disabling the mock dai reserve, setting the pool admin to a specific address, and transferring ownership of the pool to another address.

The execution of this proposal would send a cross-chain message from Aave governance to the Polygon network. This message would be received and queued by a new contract, the PolygonBridgeExecutor. A guardian address would then have a three-day window to cancel the proposed action. After this period, anyone can trigger the market updates to the mock Aave Polygon Market.

The proposal is currently open for voting. It's important to note that this test is specifically focused on the governance cross-chain bridge functionality on a mock Aave Polygon market, and does not include transferring ownership of the Aave Polygon Market to the Aave Ethereum Governance1. The outcome of this proposal and the subsequent test could have significant implications for the future of cross-chain governance workflows.

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