From little things big things grow

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The discussion focused on the rapid growth of Aave and the Defi sector, with Defi's total value locked (TVL) increasing by about 1,200% to $85 billion in the past year, yet still only representing 0.39% of the global financial market. A community poll was initiated to speculate on Defi's TVL in a year, reflecting optimism about its potential to reach $1 trillion and account for over 4% of the global financial market.

The discussion primarily revolved around the growth of Aave and the broader Defi sector. Neal shared a video featuring Stani Kulechov, who explained the workings of EthLend, Aave's predecessor. The key point of the discussion was the significant growth of Aave and Defi, with the total value locked (TVL) in Defi having increased by approximately 1,200% over the past year to around $85 billion.

Despite this impressive growth, it was noted that Defi's current TVL only represents a small fraction (0.39%) of the global financial services market, which is estimated to be $22 trillion. However, if Defi continues to grow at the same rate, its TVL could reach $1 trillion in a year, accounting for over 4% of the global financial services market.

To engage the community further, Neal initiated a poll asking members to speculate on what the total TVL in Defi will be in a year's time, with options ranging from $125 billion to $1 trillion. The community was encouraged to check back in a year to see the results1. This discussion and poll highlight the community's interest and optimism about the future growth of the Defi sector.

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