Grant received to Audit the Tally SafeGuard contracts

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Tally has received a grant to audit the Tally SafeGuard smart contracts, developed with Uniswap Grants, to enhance security within a DAO. The audit, to be conducted by OpenZeppelin, will validate the contracts' reliability and potentially encourage wider adoption of such measures in the DAO ecosystem.

In a significant development, Dennisonbertram from Tally announced that they have been awarded a grant to facilitate the auditing of the Tally SafeGuard smart contracts. These contracts, which were developed in collaboration with Uniswap Grants, are a part of SafeGuard, a tool specifically designed to safeguard assets within a DAO. The tool achieves this by enabling the DAO to exercise final control over spending decisions and allowing selected auditors to veto transactions.

The auditing process, which is a crucial step in ensuring the security and reliability of the smart contracts, is scheduled to be conducted by OpenZeppelin. The audit is expected to commence in the first or second week of September. In addition to this announcement, Dennisonbertram also provided valuable resources for the community. He shared links to the Smart Contract Code and the Front End Demo App on GitHub, along with a comprehensive walkthrough on how to use the app1.

This development marks a significant step forward in enhancing the security and control mechanisms of DAOs. The successful audit of the Tally SafeGuard smart contracts will not only validate their reliability but also potentially pave the way for wider adoption of such protective measures within the DAO ecosystem.

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